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A digital contract exchange platform for real estate projects. Used by law firms, developers, financiers and agents.

An online platform to create, review and register by-laws. Do it yourself or get our expert team to help you.

A portal for strata clients to check the status of their levy recovery matters with us and raise new matters.

Product spotlight: By-Law Builder

We’ve completely changed the way by-laws are created, reviewed, and shared within strata communities.

By-Laws set-up in By-Law Builder are digital, meaning you can email them, scan then using a QR code and easily update them in the future.

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Frasers Midtown

The project conveyancing team at Bugden Allen Graham Lawyers were engaged by Frasers to manage all of the developer conveyancing for their “Midtown” project in Sydney. Using the “OPEX” platform, the team exchanged 100% of sales contracts for Stages 1 and 2 on the platform. All contracts were digitally exchanged on OPEX with an average turn-around time of 3 business days per contract.

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