Expertise Levy Recovery Solutions

Levy Recovery Solutions

Expert levy recovery services supported by our LevyCollect portal

Our levy recovery solutions are carried out under our “LevyCollect” brand. LevyCollect is the name of our levy recovery service and our client portal.

Members of our LevyCollect team have specialised in debt recovery matters for over 35 years. Their deep understanding of strata legislation coupled with our experience in running significant Court and Tribunal matters help to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

We always endeavour to settle matters as quickly as possible, to keep the cost down for the lot owner and to assist the Owners Corporation in collecting their unpaid levies as quickly as possible.

Our LevyCollect portal helps us streamline our levy recovery work, making it more efficient, cost effective and transparent for our clients. Our clients get real-time visibility over their debt collection matters, they can check and update the status of matters and view and share documents. They can even open a new debt collection matter themselves.

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