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By-law drafting, reviews and registration supported by our By-Law Builder platform

By-laws are the rules that help guide residents and visitors on acceptable behaviours in strata communities. By-laws should be drafted by an experienced strata lawyer, as well drafted by-laws can help create a harmonious, liveable community.

Our team has extensive experience in drafting, reviewing and registering by-laws. Our work in this area includes:

  • By-law drafting for owners and committees
  • By-laws for new developments
  • By-law reviews
  • By-law consolidation and registration
  • Creating digital by-laws in our online platform “By-Law Builder”

Our firm has built a self-service platform called By-Law Builder which enables owners, committee members and strata managers to easily draft by-laws, and get them reviewed and registered. Our team uses By-Law Builder to carry out the Consolidation work for property by-laws. Once by-laws are consolidated in the system, because the by-laws are then saved as digital files, future changes are much easier.

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