Staff Ben Rodrigues


Ben Rodrigues

Assistant, LevyCollect


Ben joined Bugden Allen Graham in October 2021 as part of our Sydney-based amalgamation with Le Page Lawyers.

Prior to joining Bugden Allen Graham Lawyers Ben was a part of the specialist debt recovery team at Le Page Lawyers.

Ben has over 10 years’ experience working for property-focused law firms. At Bugden Allen Graham Lawyers, he manages the NSW team for LevyCollect, our specialist debt recovery service for owners corporations, company title schemes, community title and neighbourhood schemes throughout Australia. His work involves the following:

  • Taking client and matter details,
  • Running conflict checks,
  • Initial drafting on legal documents for our legal team’s review and approval,
  • Liaising with clients and strata debtors,
  • Monitoring payment plans,
  • Creating and updating matters in our systems, including our proprietary debtor management system “LevyCollect”,
  • Working with our product team in the workflow design four our LevyCollect portal, and
  • General financial and administrative support.

Prior to moving into professional services, Ben was a qualified chef. Ben is now one of the senior team members of our national LevyCollect recovery team, servicing clients throughout Australia from our office in Sydney.