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Petra Lohmann

Manager, LevyCollect


Petra Lohmann joined Bugden Allen Graham Lawyers in October 2021 as part of our amalgamation with Le Page Lawyers.

Prior to joining Bugden Allen Graham Lawyers Petra established and managed the specialist debt recovery team at Le Page Lawyers.

With 36 years’ experience in the industry, Petra specialises in all aspects of debt recovery work and litigation. Her attention to detail, extensive knowledge and responsiveness has resulted in her managing the levy recovery work for the same clients over decades. One of her most notable achievements was handling, with Counsel, on behalf of the client owners corporation, the Court of Appeal precedent setting case of Coshott v The Owners of Strata Plan No 48892 [2006] NSWSC 308.

As General Manager of the firm’s LevyCollect team, Petra is spearheading our national levy recovery service which includes working with our product team on an online levy recovery portal. She is experienced in multiple areas of law, including:

  • collection of levies for owners corporations, community and neighbourhood associations, and company title schemes;
  • litigation, personal and corporate insolvency;
  • general debt recovery matters; and
  • by-law consolidation and registration.

Petra’s clear and concise advice and guidance to clients in these areas is highly regarded in the industry.

Petra is the General Manager of our national LevyCollect team.