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Annual strata management report – WA

The new strata titles legislation in WA that took effect from 1 May 2020 introduced the requirement for strata managers to lodge a periodic return to Landgate.

Strata managers are required to report the following information on the form:

  1. Name, address and contact details of the strata management firm
  2. Total number of schemes and lots managed, including the split between small schemes (less than 6 lots), schemes with 6 to 20 lots, schemes with 21 to 50 lots and schemes with more than 50 lots
  3. Total amount of monies held in the administrative and reserve funds
  4. General description of services provided
  5. Total number of staff, agents and contractors that work for the strata management company
  6. Qualifications of persons employed or engaged including the number of Cert IV units they hold

Items 5 and 6 are voluntary, while the information that strata managers must provide in items 1-4 is compulsory.

The first return is due by 31 March 2022. The information to be provided in the return is required to cover the period of 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021.

The purpose of these returns is to help “inform Landgate about the industry and to help government develop quality policies on matters relating to strata management and managers”.

How to lodge the return

The return is required to be lodged in the “approved form”. This approved form is titled, ‘Strata Management Provision of Information about Industry’ and is available to download from the Strata Forms page on Landgate’s corporate website.  

Strata managers can submit their completed form via email to We suspect (and hope) that these forms can soon be submitted electronically via an API integration between Landgate and strata manager’s technology platform.