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January 2024 – Strata Regulatory Watch

In this edition we cover:

  • NSW: Changes to strata and community titles laws in NSW
  • NSW : The Mascot Towers case
  • Blog Post: Stratum Title – the manna of property title
  • QLD: BUGT and QLD strata law updates – January 2024
  • QLD Article: ‘Can our BC request evidence of an assistance dog when an owner or tenant applies for approval? Can we restrict where approved assistance dogs can go on common property?’
  • QLD :Queensland property developer fined for breach of BCCM Act
  • VIC : Planning Amendment VC250 – Gas Connections for New Dwellings
  • VIC : Revised ruling DA-064v2 – what does it mean?
  • VIC Article: ‘We manage a group of limited OC’s within a large estate. A member of one of the limited OC’s is seeking approval to change the outward appearance of their lot. As they are part of the unlimited OC, and at least one other limited OC, are they required to have their request approved by all the other OC’s for which they are a member of?’
  • VIC Article: ‘A member of my OC won’t pay their levies – should we start action in VCAT?’
  • WA: Supreme Court Decision – The Owners of Dolphin Apartments Mandurah Strata Plan 49518 v Poland Superannuation Pty Ltd [2023] WASC 452
  • Career opportunities
  • Industry News : ASCL Annual Conference