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Queensland Regulations – Consultation on draft legislation

The Queensland Government is seeking to replace existing modules and regulations for the Body Corporate and Community Management Act.

The areas of reform will include the following:

  • Body corporate committee membership
  • Committee meetings and Administrative matters
  • The first Annual General Meeting and General Meetings
  • Body corporate managers and caretaking service contractors
  • Financial and Property management
  • Insurance

The proposed new regulation modules have been structured in such a way to help streamline and modernise body corporate procedures, reduce body corporate costs and enhance protections for unit owners.

A summary of the proposed reform has been made available to the public (see the following links):

Potential impacts for our clients

There are a number of changes coming to help streamline Committee and General Meetings, so Body Corporate Managers and their technology providers will need to update their systems to cater for these changes.

Body Corporate Managers will also be required to disclose any commissions, payments or other benefits they are entitled to from contracts with bodies corporate. There are also changes proposed to streamline insurance, maintenance and the distribution of documents that Queensland bodies corporate and their managers need to be across.

Please get in touch if you have any questions in relation to these proposed changes or if we can help with updating any of your meeting documentation.