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Webinar : Navigating the ‘Per Lot Fee’ Dilemma

The latest Macquarie Business Banking 2023 Strata Management Benchmarking Report underscores the pressing need for the strata management industry to boost per-lot revenue to maintain sustainable business operations.

In a recent webinar, Queensland Partner Michael Kleinschmidt joined forces with Nikki Jovicic from LookUpStrata Pty Ltd to delve into effective strategies for strata managers. They discussed how to handle rising costs while simultaneously increasing revenue and efficiency.

The webinar explored actionable approaches for raising fees and harnessing technology-driven efficiencies, all without sacrificing client retention. Michael provided fresh perspectives and thought-provoking ideas aimed at transforming the way strata managers, committee members, and lot owners approach their roles.

Watch the full webinar video below to gain more insights and strategies to enhance your strata management operations.